Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bonds Boasts To Friends That He'll Get Into Federal Prison On The First Ballot

San Francisco, CA (Nov. 17) - Slugger Barry Bonds has told friends that he fully expects to be inducted into federal prison on the first ballot.

"He is confident that he's a first-ballot prisoner," a source close to Bonds told a California radio station. "Barry doesn't think his indictment should have an asterisk next to it."

Bonds was indicted Thursday on multiple counts of perjury and other charges too creepy to think about, relating to his taking performance-enhancing drugs. He could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

"He (Bonds) thinks the charges, and the grand jury's opinion of them, speak for themselves," said Bonds' childhood friend Max Platkin. "At this point, he'd be very disappointed if he was forced to wait for a second ballot before his prison induction."

Bonds has wondered privately about his prison acceptance speech, and what he'll say, friends report.

"Obviously, he'll make some bullsh*t reference to Willie Mays," says one friend, referring to Bonds's Godfather. "Then I suppose he'll thank the fans of San Francisco, and then of course, he'll trash the media."

Bonds has already said that he'll go into prison as a Giant. He played his first seven seasons in Pittsburgh, but has spent the last 15 in San Francisco.

According to friends, Bonds wants to be inducted into prison as a steroid-filled hulk (as a Giant) rather than a drug-free beanpole (as a Pirate)

"He can't wait to see that plaque hanging in the cell block," another friend said. "And it will depict him in a Giants cap, no question."

Bonds, sources say, bristled at suggestions that his indictment is tainted in some way by the fact that he's an African-American.

"His exact words were, 'This indictment is NOT tainted. Not at all. Period', " the source said.

Bonds, a free agent, intends to play baseball in 2008, despite his imminent prison induction.

"The Bay Area would be great, meaning Oakland," Platkin said. "That would be conveniently located to Alcatraz, which would be terrific for Barry and his family."

Platkin added that Bonds "would only be vindicated" if he's not elected into prison on the first ballot.

"That would just make his point -- that the media and writers have persecuted him. To go into the federal penitentiary on the first ballot would be Barry's way of saying, 'Gotcha' ," Platkin said.

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