Thursday, November 8, 2007

Area Youngster Snaps Seven-Year Electric Football Win Drought

Akron, OH (Nov. 8) - One of sports' longest-ever losing streaks has come to an end as Harold Milkins finally won an Electric Football game after 124 games and nearly seven years of frustration. But the end didn't come without some controversy.

"Awesome! It's about f***ing time!" is how the 15-year-old Milkins described his disputed, 14-13 victory over friend Richie Harris at Milkins's house after school yesterday.

But Milkins's victory was only sealed after Harris's 25-yard field goal attempt at the final buzzer failed when his "triple threat" kicker's leg didn't move far enough to touch the foam football. Harris asked for a re-try but Milkins, who doubles as the referee during home games, wouldn't allow it, invoking the "too bad, so sad" discretionary viewpoint.

"I win! I win!" Milkins said, as he leaped out of his chair, inadvertently knocking the card table and the football game to the floor, scattering the tiny ceramic, molded football players all over the carpet.

It was Milkins's first-ever Electric Football win -- a game he's been playing since age eight.

Surrounded by his little brother and a kid from down the street who was unidentified, Milkins pumped his fist repeatedly and yelled "See ya! Wouldn't want to be ya!" to Harris, 14, as Harris hurried out of the house without talking to reporters.

Harold Milkins smiles after snapping his 124-game Electric Football losing streak

Commenting about the game's final play, Milkins shrugged and said, "I don't care. Not my fault that his kicker didn't work. Maybe he didn't snap the leg back far enough. Not my problem."

The game was close all the way. Milkins, using the Dallas Cowboys in their white jerseys, and Harris, countering with the Pittsburgh Steelers in their black and golds, played a nip-and-tuck contest. Neither team could mount much of a rushing game, with both running backs consistently running out of bounds, joining their blockers and opposing defenders on the sidelines.

There was another dispute in the third quarter, when Milkins turned the game's speed control up during his punt return, hoping to get his ball carrier to the end zone before running out of bounds. But Harris yelled "What the f***?" and pulled the plug out of the wall. The two combatants then compromised and gave Milkins a first down at Harris's 15-yard line. Two plays later, Milkins hit one of those guys who looks like a wide receiver with a nine-yard pass from the "triple threat" QB.

Action in the trenches during Harold Milkins's 14-13 win over Richie Harris in yesterday's controversial Electric Football match

Harris scored on a 25-yard sweep for a 6-0 lead in the first quarter, when his ball carrier -- the guy who looks like a running back -- fortuitously ran around right end when it looked like he, too, was headed out of bounds. The PAT failed when Harris's kick bounced off the plastic upright.

Milkins looked like he was headed for his 125th straight loss when Harris fired a 30-yard strike to one of those guys with his arms outstretched in the second quarter. This time the kick was good, and Milkins trailed, 13-0.

Milkins, trailing 13-7, got the winning score early in the fourth quarter when a 93-yard, 25-play drive ended with a "running back" punching it in from three yards out. The kick was good and Milkins had a 14-13 lead. That's how it stood until Harris and his "triple threat" QB engineered a clock-chewing, 66-yard drive that stalled, setting up the controversial FG try.

Milkins said he would celebrate his first-ever Electric Football victory with a spirited session of Madden '08 and a bag of Double Nacho Cheese Doritos. After being interviewed, Milkins's brother dumped a small bottle of Gatorade over his head. Then the two brothers collapsed onto the floor in hugs and giggles, accidentally breaking several of the players.

"S***!" Milkins said.

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I hope that you've checked out the current Coke ad campaign that features an interactive electric football game. It's quite good. Nice job on the "triple-threat" QB, too.