Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bud Selig Confused, Thinks 'World Baseball Classic' New Menu Item At Wendy's

New York, NY (Mar. 4) - Baseball commissioner Bud Selig, according to sources, spent nearly ten embarrassing minutes at a midtown Manhattan Wendy's restaurant, trying to locate the "World Baseball Classic" on the menu.

"Where is it?," Selig asked testily as he scanned the lighted menu behind cashier Jennifer Dooley.

"Where's what, sir?," Dooley said, according to her recounting of the conversation to reporters.

"That....'World Baseball Classic'," Selig replied, according to Dooley.

When Dooley expressed confusion, Selig persisted, insisting that Wendy's had a new menu item named after the national pastime in a nod to the upcoming baseball season. Dooley again contradicted that notion, and Selig became hostile, asking to speak to the manager.

"I assured him that no Wendy's restaurant -- anywhere -- has such a menu item," afternoon shift manager Dennis Crowley told reporters. "He had some people with him, and they just kind of rolled their eyes at me," Crowley added, also stating that after several minutes of Wendy's personnel trying to convince Selig that the 'World Baseball Classic' was not a menu item, Selig's handlers led him away.

A source close to Selig said that MLB office personnel then whisked Selig to a private office, where he was briefed about The World Baseball Classic tournament about ready to take place.

Once the concept of the WBC tournament sank in, the source said Selig gave a big nod and said, simply, "OHHHHH."

Then, Selig added, "HUH."