Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Larry Brown Already Bored With Bobcats Job

Has inquired into Spurs coaching vacancy, even though there isn't one

Charlotte, NC. (May 7) - Mercurial basketball coach Larry Brown, hired less than two weeks ago by the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats, is already "bored" with the job and has asked about a similar role with the San Antonio Spurs.

"It would be great to get back to San Antonio -- a place where I had some of the best years of my life," Brown said in a prepared statement -- although the words "San Antonio" had been typed in over a whited out space, where "Indiana" and "Detroit" had once been typed and erased. Brown coached the Spurs in the late-1980s, early-1990s.

Brown says the Spurs' 0-2 hole in their playoff series with the New Orleans Hornets gave him pause.

Brown is ready to move on -- again

"It may be time to make a move there," Brown said in the statement. "(Spurs coach) Gregg Popovich is a good friend of mine, but this is a results-oriented business. If they (the Spurs) would like to talk to me, I'm willing to listen," Brown added, saying that he could "be in San Antonio in three hours" if given the job in time for Game 3 of the series.

Brown also addressed his new job with the Bobcats.

"Coming back to North Carolina, where I also had some more of the best years of my life, hasn't been as fulfilling as I would have hoped," the statement said. Brown played at the University of North Carolina. "Maybe it's time for the Bobcats and me to part ways -- to be fair to them as well as to me."

Sources say Brown "simply thinks the team isn't any good", and that the chance to coach a title contender like the Spurs would be "too good to pass up."

When reminded that the Spurs job is not open, one source said, "That's because Larry Brown wasn't a candidate. Let's see what happens now, once the Spurs see Larry's available to them."

Popovich is expected to coach the Spurs in their Game 3 matchup with the Hornets on Thursday, despite Brown's interest in the job.

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