Monday, May 12, 2008

Doctor: Carl Pavano Likely Needs To Be Destroyed

New York, NY. (May 12) - A visibly shaken team doctor for the New York Yankees says that often-injured pitcher Carl Pavano will "likely" need to be destroyed, thus ending, in tragic manner, the righthander's career.

Pavano, 32, who signed a huge free agent contract with the Yankees in 2005 after some good seasons in Florida, hasn't been completely healthy since arriving in New York, always with arm trouble of some sort. And his elbow has worsened -- apparently to the point of no return.

"I really don't see much hope," said Yankees team physician Dr. James Meadows after Pavano's latest setback, in which x-rays and an MRI revealed that Pavano's right elbow is "virtually gone" -- the only remnants being a "few small bones and half a ligament."


"Even his 'funny bone' is gone," Dr. Meadows said with a sigh.

Meadows said his recommendation is that Pavano be "put out of our -- I mean, HIS -- misery and destroyed." Meadows cited a major league pitcher's inability to keep from using a bad elbow for the reasoning behind the recommended euthanasia.

"We really can't expect him to keep his elbow inactive for the 12-16 week period necessary for rehab," Meadows told reporters, his voice hushed and his eyes moist. "Pitchers like Carl are very prone to want to move around and use the elbow, for things like eating, putting on clothes -- things of that nature. Euthanasia is really the only alternative."

Pavano only pitched in two games in 2007 after missing all of 2006. He has been trying to get healthy enough to pitch this season, but hasn't been able to throw pain-free in nearly three years.

"We regret Dr. Meadows's conclusion, but we respect it," said acting Yankees managing partner Hank Steinbrenner. "Our condolences go to Carl's family and all those who enjoyed watching him pitch."

Steinbrenner added that Pavano will be buried beneath the infield of the team's new stadium, set to open in 2009.

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