Friday, April 18, 2008

Philanthropic Tiger Woods Feted For Giving Masters To South African Player

New York, NY. (Apr. 18) - Hailed as "just another great act by a great man", Tiger Woods was honored yesterday for his benevolence in donating the 2008 Masters tournament to little-known South African golfer Trevor Immelman.

"Your generosity in sharing just a tiny portion of your vast golf wealth is certainly appreciated," PGA Honorary President Roger Warren told Woods at a press conference held at the newly-opened PGA Experience in Manhattan. "It's wonderful to see you helping out those less fortunate."

Woods was cited for his sandbagging during last weekend's Masters, when, despite proclaiming he would win the tournament several weeks ago, Woods hung back and allowed Immelman to be this year's Cinderella story.

"Tiger Woods showed what kind of a person he truly is," Warren said as Immelman flanked him, wearing the green jacket that is customary of all Masters champions -- a jacket that he would not be wearing without Woods's assistance. "There was every indication that we were going to see yet another late round charge by Mr. Woods to pull out victory from the jaws of defeat. But he decided instead to take that victory and hand it to Mr. Immelman. A real class act."

Woods explained the reasoning behind his decision -- made, he said, overnight between rounds three and four.

"I certainly could have won this year's Masters, and I had every intention of doing so," Woods said as he looked at Immelman, who nodded submissively. "As you all know, few things get my juices flowing better than coming from behind and stealing everyone's thunder at a major. But then I looked at Trevor when I got to the course Sunday morning, and he just looked so scared and unsure of himself. That's when I thought, 'Let the kid have this one.'"

Woods explains his decision to donate the 2008 Masters to Trevor Immelman

So Woods put on a mini-rally, coming from six shots back to creep within three before "pulling back on the reins", as he put it.

"I scared the poor guy half to death," Woods said, smiling, as Immelman chuckled nervously. "But in the end, I know I did the right thing."

Woods added that, despite several requests from other golfers, he may not donate any more tournaments in 2008.

"I can't say yes to everyone," Woods said. "I maybe should have said no this time, but Trevor didn't ask. This was a donation from the heart. Anything else, going forward, would be too contrived."

Woods and Immelman then embraced, at which point Immelman began sobbing, repeatedly saying "Thank you" as cameras clicked madly.

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