Monday, April 14, 2008

MLB Batboys Brace Themselves For New Tell-All Book

San Francisco, CA. (Apr. 14) - Batboys of each of the 30 Major League Baseball teams are on edge this morning, on the eve of a new tell-all book set to be released tomorrow that threatens to rip the lid off the sacred batboy fraternity.

Entitled I Am Batboy, written by former MLB batboy Trevor Hillman, the memoir chronicles Hillman's three-year stint as a batboy for the San Francisco Giants (2002-2004), and is already being hailed, according to sources who were given advanced copies of the book, as "the Ball Four of batboy work" -- a reference to Jim Bouton's infamous 1970 book that revealed many big league secrets.

In the book, Hillman reportedly writes of wild, unsupervised sexual orgies among batboys and ball girls, along with a method batboys used to get high involving unused pine tar. Advanced readers also tell of excerpts in the book that make reference to cronyism among the batboy industry, and even alleged "clubhouse couches", in which potential ball girls were given jobs based on whether they slept with certain equipment managers.

Hillman, through his publicist, bragged in a statement that "nothing in this book is untrue. This is the stuff that, had I tried to reveal it when I was still a batboy, I might have been killed over." Hillman went on to say that "It's time now. The pipeline of batboy work is a scum-filled one full of some of baseball's lowest form of life. I'm proud to have been the one to finally say what everyone else was afraid to say."

Former Giants batboy Trevor Hillman, right, threatens to jolt the batboy world with his new book

Hillman, now working as a marketing manager for a midwestern software company, says he was hired by the Giants in late-2001 only because he promised to "do" a ball girl who was the equipment manager's niece. "She was ugly, but I said I'd sleep with her," Hillman said in an interview earlier this month. "It was a self-esteem thing for her, I think."

In that interview, Hillman also revealed that when he suggested to Giants personnel that he wanted out of his batboy job in 2003, he was told that he could do that, but that the team had videotape of Hillman and a fellow batboy "tarring", a term for illegally sniffing the fumes of pine tar in a free-based fashion. When told that, Hillman backed off.

"I'm not even sure if such a videotape even exists," Hillman said. "But I wasn't about to take any chances, because I did do some tarring while I was there. We all did it. They still do it today."

The book hits shelves at midnight tonight. So far, there have been no reports of anyone camping out in line in order to get it, a development that friends close to Hillman say "disturbs" him.

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