Friday, April 25, 2008

The Orlando Magic and Toronto Raptors Apparently Playing Each Other in the Playoffs

Toronto, ON. (Apr. 25) - Rumors continue to persist in this Canadian city that the National Basketball Association entry from Toronto, nicknamed the Raptors, are engaging in some sort of a post-season tournament against their counterpart from the southern Florida city of Orlando -- whose team is nicknamed the Magic.

"That's what I keep hearing," said Toronto resident Mitch Basham, who was among a small gathering of curious people who were congregating outside the Air Canada Centre, as word spread that the Raptors, who play at the Centre, might indeed be participating in the NBA playoffs. "I mean, I was having lunch in the park and I overheard a bunch of people talking about the Raptors and Magic. So naturally I thought there was some kind of cool magic show with reptiles going on," Basham added. "But then I find out it's basketball. Is this true?"

League officials wouldn't confirm nor deny the rumors.

"The Raptors, like every one of our franchises, is a valued member of the NBA," a statement from the NBA read. "Confirmation of the teams participating in this year's playoffs was distributed last week. I urge you to consult that document."

According to sources close to the NBA, the Magic and Raptors had already played two games in Florida before traveling north to continue their alleged series of games in Canada. The sources indicated that the Orlando team won both games in the States, and that the Raptors turned the tables last night in Toronto. Other sources say that the Raptors are NOT, in fact, in the playoffs, and that the rumors to the contrary are "baseless."

Basham said that an "obnoxious, big guy" wearing a Raptors jersey breezed by him outside the Air Canada Centre, yelling, "Raptors Rule!" -- and that the man yelled something indistinguishable when Basham asked him what he meant by that.

"Could that be confirmation of this thing with that Orlando team?," Basham wondered aloud to reporters.

The "deep throats" in the NBA say that a fourth game between the Raptors and the Magic will be held in Toronto "any day now."

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John said...

forget abiut the rumour, because the truth is the Magic had no answer against the Dino-steel man.

Both TJ and Calderon were the real deal in that game. No arguement on that.

Bring Game 4, and lets tie the series, shall we.....