Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bob Knight Ejected From ESPN Set Of "Bracketology"

Bristol, CT. (Mar. 19) - Fiery former college basketball coach Bob Knight was hit with three quick technical fouls and ejected from the set of ESPN's "Bracketology" show, where he's serving as an expert commentator.

"You can all kiss my ass!" Knight screamed as he yanked off his lavalier microphone and stormed off the set, moments after being t'd up by "Bracketology" producers.

The manic Knight, who abruptly resigned as Texas Tech's coach in January, became incensed when co-commentator Jay Bilas started talking about the so-called "bubble teams" -- the ones that may or may not make the NCAA Tournament.

After Bilas talked about Arizona State, Knight leapt from his chair.

"That's a load of bull****, and you know it, Jay!" Knight bellowed, hands on his hips. Then, gesturing wildly, Knight went on a 35-second rant, in which he used the words "ass", "G**damn", "f***ing" and "son of a bitch" a combined 27 times.

After his tirade, Knight was given the three technical fouls by producer Stewart Granke, who then gave Knight the heave-ho.

Enraged by comments made by ESPN's Jay Bilas, Knight reacts before being ejected

On his way out of the studio, Knight kicked over a trash can, shoved a chair out of his way, and inadvertently knocked down an ESPN intern.

Granke said Knight might be suspended, pending review of the tape of the rant.

Knight was unavailable for comment afterward, but he was seen speeding out of the ESPN parking lot, giving onlookers the finger.

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