Monday, February 11, 2008

Source: Tape Exists Of Someone Watching The Pro Bowl

Sacramento, CA (Feb. 11) - Reports have surfaced that claim video evidence exists of someone watching yesterday's Pro Bowl, sources say.

"The video is real. It's not doctored," the source told the Sacramento Bee. The source contacted the Bee because the person who is shown in the video lives in the Sacramento area.

According to the source, the person -- tentatively described as a "white male in his 30s" -- was videotaped as he watched "between three and five minutes" of the game, a 42-30 win for the NFC over the AFC.

"It's clear; there's even audio," the source says. "This man was, without question, watching the Pro Bowl."

It wasn't revealed WHY the man was watching the game, nor why he was videotaped. The source would only say that the man was videotaped "without his knowledge."

The man's name isn't being released, pending contact of his family. It's already been speculated by football observers that even after his family is notified, the man may seek to keep his name confidential through legal means.

"Revelation of him watching this sorry-ass excuse for a pro sports All-Star game could destroy his career -- and his life," the source said. "I suspect he'll fight tooth and nail to have his name kept undisclosed."

In a related development, the 50,000+ fans who attended the game in Hawaii have filed a class action injunction to keep their names private, as well.

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