Friday, February 15, 2008

Small Picket Fences Being Swiped At Alarming Rate; Sports Fans To Blame

Peoria, IL (Feb. 15) - Small picket fences are being stolen and sold on the black market at rates never seen before, a national institute reports.

The Harrison Group, a non-profit organization that tracks sports-related crimes, says that the fences are being plucked from homes and gardens across the country and ending up in sports crowds around the nation.

Lord knows where that piece of fence came from

"They're being used, in combination with handmade and stolen D's from area signs, to make the sign for 'defense' at sporting events," says Harrison Group spokesman Donna Beltaire. "It's becoming pandemic. Soon it may be epidemic. Or vice-versa. I forget which is worse."

Beltaire said the Group's study included the 12 months from February 2007 to January 2008.

"What we found was an increase of nearly 77% in reports of picket fence robberies," she said at a press conference yesterday. "Our intelligence shows the fences being cut into sections then sold in the black market, where they end up in fans' hands."

Beltaire said most fans who come upon the fence sections have no idea the sections are "hot."

"They're usually told that the person who's selling the sections owned the fence, making the transaction seem legitimate in the buyer's eyes. But 99% of the time, the seller bought the fence sections from an unscrupulous individual."

Yes, that means that there are those who are fencing fences.

"It's just another sad commentary," Beltaire said.

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