Monday, January 14, 2008

Romo Blames Distraction Of Jessica Simpson Not Being In Attendance For Playoff Loss

Irving, TX (Jan. 14) - Firing back at critics who blamed an earlier poor performance on the presence of maybe-girlfriend Jessica Simpson in the stands, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was quick to blame Sunday's 21-17 loss to the New York Giants in the NFC Divisional playoffs on Simpson's absence.

"Not having Jessica here to distract me was, ironically, a distraction," Romo said in the locker room. "All I could think about was that she wasn't here to distract me. And now you see what happened."

Then Romo added to the critics, thru reporters, "You happy now?!"

Simpson, shown here distracting Tony Romo by not being in Texas Stadium yesterday

Simpson being in the crowd has been blamed for two lackluster Romo games in the past, and she was advised by the Cowboys to stay away from Texas Stadium on Sunday. That strategy apparently backfired.

"If there's one thing more distracting than a beautiful blonde bombshell in the crowd rooting you on," Romo said, "it's NOT having a beautiful blonde bombshell in the crowd rooting you on."

Cowboys management swiftly responded to the Giants loss by mandating that, beginning next season, at least 40,000 fans in every game at Texas Stadium be blonde bombshells, strategically located throughout the stands.

When told of the plans for next season, Romo said, "Really? Cool!"

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