Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Archie Manning Ruins Nice Dinner With Friends By Showing Home Movies Of Son Eli's Playoff Win

New Orleans, LA (Jan. 8) - Former NFL quarterback and proud father Archie Manning ruined a "perfectly nice" evening with friends when he broke out home movies of son Eli's playoff win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, sources say.

"We were enjoying a nice, quiet evening -- had just finished dessert," a dinner party-goer said under condition of anonymity. "Then he (Archie) pulls out his video camera and says, 'Look at the video I shot at the game yesterday.' "

With that, the elder Manning began showing every single snap of Eli's performance, which was his first-ever playoff victory.

"And he was making constant comments," the party-goer said, his eyes rolling. "I was like, 'Dude, we get it -- you're proud. Now let's go back to watching Family Guy.' But he was all gushing and sh*t. It was very annoying."

Manning, according to other attendees of the "smallish" gathering, plugged the video camera into the 51-inch TV in the family room, where everyone was located, and positioned himself "strategically" by the entrance way so no one could leave during the almost 60-minute long display.

"The camera angle was totally lousy, too," another source said. "He wasn't even around the 50-yard line. It was more like 20-yard line, and some of the time there was some guy's head in the way. I mean, he's Archie Manning -- couldn't he get a better seat?"

Archie Manning re-enacts one of son Eli's completions after having bored dinner guests with home movies of Sunday's Giants-Bucs playoff game

Throughout the screening, which was described by various people as "tortuous", "insufferable", and "f**king ridiculous", Manning would tell everyone why Eli's particular decision or play was a good one. If there was an incompletion, sources say, the elder Manning would rail at the offensive line, or blame the receiver.

"It was never his precious Eli's fault," an attendee said. "It was always, 'Well, you can't expect him to make a play when he's being harassed', or 'You gotta catch that ball -- this is the NFL.' I had trouble keeping down my meal."

After their ordeal, the party-goers said there was an awkward silence as Manning put away his camera.

"Some people were like, 'That was cool', but mostly we just looked at each other. Some had glassy eyes," a source said.

"One thing's for sure," the source continued, "I'm never getting sucked into another dinner party invite at HIS house again."

Manning then tried to get a game of Scattergories going, but guests were putting on their coats.

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