Monday, January 28, 2008

Area Man: "These Beer Prices Are Outrageous!"

Seattle, WA. (Jan. 28) - Seattle-area Supersonics fan Dominic Renetta is disgusted with the prices of beer at Key Arena, according to sources close to the 34-year-old design engineer.

"He was in line with me," said friend and fellow fan Andy Maloney yesterday. "And then I heard him kind of go, 'Sheesh', and 'You've gotta be kidding me.' The next thing I know, Dom's not in line anymore."

Maloney said that the two Sonics fans sidled up to a concession stand late in the first quarter of a recent game against the Golden State Warriors, ostensibly to purchase beer.

"I was getting thirsty, so I said to Dom, 'Wanna beer?' He said 'Sure,' and we headed for the stand," Maloney explained to reporters outside his suburban Seattle home.

But the planned malt and hops beverage purchase that Renetta hoped to make with Maloney never happened.

Instead, Maloney said, when he found Renetta back in his seat after Maloney made his purchase of the $6.75, 14-oz. beer, "I asked him what was wrong. He said, 'Those prices are outrageous,' and he spent the rest of the quarter, and most of the second, complaining about the concession prices."

Maloney said Renetta's tirade extended beyond just the Key Arena concessions.

Dominic Renetta

"When Dom gets going, he starts including things that we aren't even talking about. Before long, he's bitching about everything from the quality of public restroom toilet paper to having something stuck in his teeth," Maloney said, shaking his head and sighing.

Maloney said he offered to buy Renetta a beer, but he was rebuffed.

"He told me I could keep my money, but he did thank me for the offer."

Refusing to give up on finagling a beer for his friend, Maloney then suggested a 10-oz. cup for $4.50, but that was met with a disgusted wave of Renetta's hand.

"So he settled on a Coke at halftime," Maloney said.

Renetta chafed at paying $3.50 for the 16-oz soft drink, but was calmed when he was told the soda came with a souvenir Sonics cup that he could keep.

"But then, before you know it, he's complaining about why they don't offer souvenir cups with beer," Maloney said. "I'm telling you, he can be f**king annoying."

Other sources close to Renetta say that he's considering writing a letter of complaint to Key Arena concessions manager Dwight Leonard.

"Stay tuned," one of the sources said of Renetta's plans.

Maloney rolled his eyes when told of the planned letter.

"Whatever," he said.

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