Monday, June 16, 2008

Randolph: Take This Job & Shove It -- MAYBE

New York, NY (Jun 16) - Embattled New York Mets manager Willie Randolph stormed into the office of General Manager Oscar Minaya yesterday and told his boss what he could do with his job -- only to rescind moments later.

"I won't be left twisting in the wind anymore!" Randolph yelled to Minaya, according to sources who put their ears against the door. Then, moments later, Randolph added, "I mean, unless that's for the good of the team."

Then, seconds after that, Randolph flip-flopped again.

"You wanna fire me? FIRE ME! I don't give a s***!"

But then he quickly added, "I mean, I GIVE a s***, I just don't...I'm tired of...look, about if I just go now?"

A visibly confused Mets manager Willie Randolph, shown minutes after his almost-tirade in GM Oscar Minaya's office

Randolph then emerged from Minaya's office as the sources yanked themselves away from the door abruptly and pretended to engage in other Mets business.

Randolph's future with the Mets has been in question all season as the team has languished below .500, after being predicted to be a World Series contender. Speculation over Randolph's job status is beginning to take its toll, as yesterday's combination outburst/about face indicates.

"This situation has gone on long enough," Randolph told reporters gathered outside Minaya's office. "I can't manage this way. I mean, I probably CAN manage this way if the situation DOESN'T change, but I'd rather it change, because I'd prefer NOT to manage this way.

"You know, if circumstances warrant that. I guess what I'm saying is, all things being equal, I'd PREFER not to manage this way," Randolph added to his meandering comments.

Minaya utilized his office's trap door to slide down an underground tunnel, which carries him directly into the driver's seat of his car at speeds of over 25 mph. He was thus unavailable for comment, as the trap door had just swung shut when reporters entered his office.

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