Friday, September 5, 2008

Report: Half of NFL Teams To Make It Through Week 1 Undefeated

New York, NY (Sept. 5) - A report released on the eve of the opening weekend of the NFL season indicates that exactly half of the league's 32 teams will emerge from Week 1 undefeated.

"Statistically there is almost undeniable truth to that notion," said Dr. William Strong of the Hayes-Morgan Institute, which was commissioned by the NFL to do the study. "And, as we've already seen after just one game, that trend is holding true," Dr. Strong added, referring to Thursday night's game between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins, won by the Giants, 16-7.

The study was asked for to satisfy skeptics who claim that NFL games are fixed.

"How can they be fixed if 50% of the teams will be happy and 50% will not be?", said Dr. Strong.

The study, which lasted six months, covered games played between 1985-2004.

"In those 20 seasons, without fail, half of the teams came away from Week 1 undefeated," Dr. Strong said. "And we saw that trend continue throughout the season."

Dr. Strong said that, although games from 2005-2007 weren't included in the study, he was "confident" that the "50/50 rule" would hold true for those games as well.

The next NFL study that Hayes-Morgan will do will be to determine whether clouds of dust actually materialize after rushing plays that gain three yards.

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