Friday, July 11, 2008

Some Versions Of Madden '09 To Include John Madden

Redwood City, CA. (July 11) - In an effort to bring the video game experience to a new level, EA Sports announced that some "Special Edition" versions of the popular football game Madden '09 will include the former coach and current TV analyst himself.

"Specially-marked editions -- boxes with holographs undetectable with the human eye -- will be sprinkled in stores throughout the country," EA Sports spokesman Mark Hansen said at a news conference yesterday. "These boxes, when opened, will provide the lucky owner with a video game experience that is unparalleled in the industry today," Hansen added.

Upon the opening of the randomly-marked boxes, John Madden will burst from the front cover and land "feet first" in front of the gamer. He will then provide personal instructions and updates from Madden '08. After a sample gaming session, Madden is slated to wish the gamer luck and provide coupons for future EA Sports purchases. Then, Madden will vanish into thin air.

"The 'grip-and-grins' have to be rather short, unfortunately, so John can be inserted into the next randomly-selected box," Hansen said. The technology is such that no store is allowed to scan a Special Edition box before Madden is ready for insertion.

In this still photo, John Madden is depicted bursting forth from a Madden '09 box -- something that will be reality for some lucky game buyers

"If a specially-marked box is in, say, Portland, and John's latest appearance was in Orlando, the box in Portland cannot be scanned until John is inserted, through the miracle of laser technology, into that box in Portland," explained Hansen.

Madden, when reached thru his publicist, said of the Special Edition Madden '09 boxes: "I just gotta say that when I show up, BAM!, I'm gonna be right in the middle of that person's living room, and you know, you know that the living room, it, it's the center of attention, and you know, you know that, you know, when I was talking to Brett Favre, and Brett Favre, now you know that Brett Favre was always ready to go and here's, here's a guy who played in a lot of big games in Green Bay, and I'm just, I'm just gonna be doin' my thing and we'll just, you know, we'll just have to see if it's good enough. I think it will be."

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