Saturday, December 22, 2007

Knicks Ink Deal With Spike TV To Become New Reality Show

New York, NY (Dec. 22) - The dysfunctional, losing, squabbling New York Knicks will use their internal mess to their financial advantage after signing a multi-million dollar deal with Spike TV to become the channel's newest reality show.

The Knicks will begin airing on Spike TV beginning on January 2 under their new name, "Knick Knacks", which will chronicle their struggles and strife in what Spike TV officials are calling an "in your face, no-holds barred" look at one of the NBA's worst teams.

"This will be Spike TV at its best," said the channel's spokesman, Barry Hunter. "We'll bring our viewers right into the eye of the Knicks' storm on a nightly basis."

"Knick Knacks" will air every night at 10pm, and will be barely-edited looks at the team that day.

"We'll be at practice, in the players' cars, in their locker room, everywhere," Hunter said. "Our microphones and cameras will never be at rest. So we're sure to capture every blowup, every backstabbing move, every blatant disregard for coach Isiah Thomas's direction. It'll all be on 'Knick Knacks,' every night.

"We're very excited," Hunter added.

According to sources, in exchange for the millions of dollars the Knicks will receive in becoming a reality show, the team must not try to improve its tenuous status.

"This show only works if the Knicks are in disarray," industry analyst Joseph Coleman said. "So Spike TV was smart in writing a clause that mandates that the team remain a mess -- at least until the end of the season."

Knicks spokesman Alan Myers doesn't think that will be an issue.

"It's unlikely things will improve, no matter how hard we try," Myers said. "So it was easy to agree to that clause."

Another source said that the contract with Spike TV ensures that Thomas will remain as coach, despite howls from fans to have him fired.

"Oh yes, that was non-negotiable for us," Hunter said. "If Thomas is gone, then let's face it -- we don't have much of a show."

Hunter spoke with glee about Thomas's latest blowup, this one with player Quentin Richardson in Friday night's loss to Charlotte.

"Awesome stuff," Hunter said. "I just saw the footage. Wait till you see how we feature it in episode number one."

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