Monday, October 29, 2007

British Government Feels "Betrayed" After NFL Sends Miami To London

Claims Breach of Contract

London (Oct. 29) - The British government issued a terse warning to the United States, thru the National Football League, that the league's sending the Miami Dolphins to London constitutes a breach of contract, and that relations between the two countries "are bloody well" strained right now.

"We were promised two NFL teams to play a match in Wembley Stadium," the statement said, "but the league, with the United States' blessing, sent one team, plus the Miami Dolphins. This is an unacceptable breach of contract."

The 0-8 Dolphins lost to the New York Giants, 13-10, Sunday in the first-ever regular season NFL game outside the United States. At least, on the surface that's what happened.

"It wasn't truly an NFL game," British Parliament member Nigel Thorne said. "The chaps from New York were splendid, but the blokes from Miami ... why, they're bloody awful!"

The NFL, thru a spokesman, told the Brits that, technically, the Dolphins-Giants game constituted a real league game. It's a view that is clearly not shared on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

"I feel violated," one British fan, who attended the game, commented outside Wembley. "For months all we've heard about is the NFL coming to London. Then they go and send one real team. I mean, blimey!"

Angry British fans flooded the switchboard of Britain's Channel 4 -- who aired the game -- with complaints that the product was only "half true to its billing."

A hastily-made sign adorned Wembley's ticket office this morning.

"NFL stands for Not For London!," it said.

The league said that, while it stands behind the Dolphins as a legitimate NFL team, it could also sympathize with the British fans' anger.

"The Dolphins were the best we could do on such short notice," the spokesman said. "Nobody else wanted to come. I understand the British people's concern. But the Dolphins are, technically, an NFL team."

The spokesman was then asked if the Dolphins were an NFL team without relying on technicalities.

"Shut up," he replied.

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