Monday, December 8, 2008

Area Man Named Greg Thinks Dan Dierdorf Talking To Him

Landover, MD. (Dec. 8) - Friends say that 47-year-old truck driver Greg Philemon enjoys watching NFL games broadcasted by analyst Dan Dierdorf because he's convinced Dierdorf is referring to him whenever he uses the name "Greg" on the air.

Dierdorf works for CBS and is partnered with play-by-play man Greg Gumbel.

Still, Philemon's friends say that he "can't be convinced otherwise" that Dierdorf is speaking to him and not broadcast partner Gumbel.

Greg Philemon (above) is convinced he's the "Greg" mentioned in NFL broadcasts by Dan Dierdorf (top)

"It's kind of sad, really," says long time Philemon friend Robert Maloney. "Greg subscribed to NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV just so he can make sure he never misses a Dierdorf game."

Maloney said that Philemon began believing Dierdorf was speaking to him "about three years ago."

"We were all at Ricky's house," Maloney said, referring to mutual pal Richard Meminger, "and the Colts-Bengals were on Sunday Ticket. And it was a Gumbel-Dierdorf game. All of a sudden Dierdorf says 'Greg' and starts talking about the play. So Ricky kids and says, 'Hey, Philemon -- Dierdorf's talking to you!' We were pretty toasted."

But apparently, Philemon took Meminger's words to heart, and said, "He IS?"

"We all kind of looked at each other," Maloney said.

What started out as a curious remark by Philemon to his friends turned into an all-too-real belief.

" convinced....that Dan Dierdorf is talking to him," Maloney said, sighing.

Maloney added that Philemon now even responds to Dierdorf.

"He'll say things like, 'Thanks, Dan', or 'No kidding?', or 'Good point.' He has these conversations with Dierdorf throughout the game. Just last week, he bragged that 'Dierdorf told me that the Colts like to run three wides on first down inside the 20 yard line.'

"I didn't have the heart to tell him that Dierdorf was saying those things to Greg Gumbel, and NOT him," Maloney added sadly.

This Sunday, Philemon is looking forward to "another Sunday with Dan," according to Maloney.

"That's what he calls it: 'another Sunday with Dan.'"

Philemon couldn't be reached for comment, as he was out Christmas shopping, which sources say includes "picking up something for Dan."

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